Solar SCADA Monitoring

Core Values

  • Customer Centric Growth plan need to think differently in order to GROW in customer point of view. Effective employees upgrade there skill set as per customer needs & do a superb job every Day in Quality, Delivery, Value and technology. Customer is cause of our working.

  • Think Like a Leader regardless what is your job & commitments is, be a roll model for others. Remember at least one & max a teamis following you. All leaders demonstrate a passion of work& care about the peoples in our organization.

  • Gets the results attitude is needed meeting commitments to customer's business requirements. Quickly understand this , make a action plan by evaluating " Who does ?, What Does?? & by When??"

  • Nurture & Make team mates Happy, appreciate excellence in team, subordinates, managers, by clapping in stand up meets, take positive initiative in making others development & be a real HUMAN BEING.

  • Champions is Equal to ( Excellence ) Squares, is a double multiplication of excellence, means we have to dream of champions, & drive our efforts accordingly. This will insure a long term strength of the organization.

  • Team Work, is behind all seven wonders of the world. Foster team work by respecting each others, managers, with your positive thinking, speech, communication, positive ways of problemsolving approach.

  • Technical & Functional Excellence, means attending a expertise in particular areas. Every one should be aware of Advances in technical/ functional areas & take positive effort to attend its expertise timely.

  • Self Awareness & eagerness in Learning, means making an SWOT self analysis , its STREGTN, WEAK NESS, OPPORTUNITIES,& THREATS analysis. Self behaviors analysis, & ready with the improvement action plan.

  • Effective Communicator, means providing timely concise, information to others, using clear, positive, thoughtful oral, written communication, to influence ,negotiate, to collaborate with team. Effective communication is about listening and being listened.

  • Intelligent Risk Taking, for great result needed to take great risk intelligently. An intelligent risk taker use sound business judgment and has a courage to take action where outcomes are uncertain but potential rewards are great.

  • Think Integrative, The ability to constructively face the tensions while working as team, and instead of choosing self benefits at the expense of the other, generating a creative resolution of the tension in the form of a new model that contains, resolution, solution superior to both parties, organization, team, community & at last me.
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