Solar SCADA Monitoring

Prestigious jobs

Burj Khalifa Tower (Dubai)

HVAC project with LON having 3000 I/O points, 80 DDC controllers, 3000 FCUs & Central plant. FAS Project with XLS3000 Controller having 30000 I/O with Controllers XL10, XL50, and XL800, XL Web, XLS3000 (FAS) by using tool CARE 8.02

Information And Technology Center
17 Parcel (Saudi arabia)

Design of standard templates for engineering graphics with the help of Continum version 1.94

King Abdulla University of Science And
Technology (Saudi Arabia) And Princess
Nora University(Riyadh)

HVAC project with Alerton BACtalk System with VLC,VLX Controller

Sactech Automation India Pvt. Ltd.